Wild Tastes In The South Coast

Now I’m sure from all the hype that all of you have heard about the grand opening of Buffalo Wild Wings. Being a current employee at the Dartmouth Mall, I couldn’t escape the rumors about this new restaurant; it seemed like everyone was rushing to go. So finally I decided to check out Buffalo Wild Wings for myself and let me just say one word: Amazing!

I remember when they started construction months ago and hearing rumors spread around the mall of what the new architecture would turn out to be. And let me just say, I and everyone else who has eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings aren’t disappointed. Not only does Buffalo Wild Wings have an amazing atmosphere and staff with cheery personalities, but most people who I have interviewed on this topic have summed up Buffalo Wild Wings as a “fun night out.” Of course, it’s not just your everyday average kind of fun, but this particular kind of fun that lights up eyes and puts smiles on people’s faces whenever they mention their time at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Now what makes Buffalo Wild Wings so special and what exactly are other people missing out on if they haven’t already eaten there? Buffalo Wild Wings is all about the customer’s experience and having fun. Each customer at Buffalo Wild Wings has, what they call, an experience coach. An experience coach is someone who will change the music or the T.V channel if you find yourself becoming bored with what’s on T.V. Crazy huh?

They also have games you can play, like trivia or poker and a challenge called the “Blazin’ Challenge” but be warned- The blazin’ challenge is a suicide mission hosted by your experience coach, where you have 6 minutes to eat 12 chicken wings drenched with the hottest sauce they have. That’s what you call taking fun to the extreme level, ladies and gentlemen!

Buffalo Wild Wings is a perfect spot for all the sports fans out there! Whether its football, baseball, basketball, hockey or any other kind of sport you like, they are willing to make sure it’s on a t.v just for you. They are also famous for their sports bar. Completely separate from the dining area, it is a great place to hang out with your buddies and have a few beers while cheering on your favorite team! Also, don’t forget about the promo days, Wing Tuesday and Boneless Thursday, when all of their award winning wings and boneless wings are specially priced all day.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Buffalo Wild Wings, either with the kids or for a date night and try their delicious food. Don’t be shy to add one of their 16 signature sauces to any wings you decide to try out!

Be sure to check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide about your experience at Buffalo Wild Wings and other great restaurant adventures!


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