Whale Tales!

Wondering where to find those beautiful Whale Tail necklaces from the photos we posted to our Facebook on Sunday? Well, let me tell you a little tale of how I discovered these gems!

My passion is no different than many of our fans who visit our site daily for a guide to New Bedford and the South Coast. I’m always on the go; traveling and exploring so I can enrich our content, network, and promote local communities. After all, our team at NBTG believes that a healthy community is all about unity! I’m just lucky enough to have the opportunity to be the voice of guidance and share my journey with local residents and visiting vacationers!

That’s exactly what was on my mind when I took a trip to visit some friends in New Hampshire on a lovely summer weekend in July. We traveled to York Beach, ME, and the writer in me was stopped in my tracks as we passed by a quaint plaza featuring the sign “Just Write” above a serene looking gift shop. Not even Long Sands Beach less than a mile away could keep me from stopping in this local shop welcoming me with everything from home accents to beach gear; and even those silly E-card gifts that I somehow manage to come home with after almost every vacation. (Confession)

But what really caught my eye was this beautiful pewter whale tail necklace. I spotted it from the other side of the store. It reminded me of beautiful historic New Bedford…aka the “National Whaling City!” Since working as a travel writer makes keeping to a budget pretty painful, I had to pass on purchasing. But the thoughts of how exciting it would be if these whale tails drifted on down to South Coast, MA just wouldn’t leave my mind.

My friends and I headed to the beach and I made a silent self-promise that I would soon return. Of course, I needed to know more about these whale tail beauties to share with all of you lovely ladies representing New Bedford’s nationally recognized heart and soul connection to the history of the whaling industry.

Naturally, I took another trip to Long Sands Beach with “Just Write” in mind. Here’s what I found out so far! They are made in Rhode Island from a cast of a whales tail carvings. They come in two sizes and they are also cast as whale’s tail “pentagons” for necklaces and ornaments. Check out the photos I scored too at https://www.facebook.com/newbedfordtravelguide

So here’s my question…Would you like to see these beautiful pewter whale tail treasures in New Bedford and floating around the South Coast? Which is your favorite? Personally, I think they are a “must- have” gem for local residents and certainly souvenirs for visiting vacationers!

Write your thoughts in the comments section below so we can get to work on helping these whale tails travel home with you!

Don’t forget the most important part of today is to get up, get out, and discover the South Coast and explore the shore where it’s a whale of a good time! (You knew that pun was coming) 🙂

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