A Traveling Gift Basket to Pay it Forward


It’s the night before Thanksgiving and I’m willing to bet that many people are already coming together to prepare for tomorrow’s festivities. I just hope you are not like me and have to battle the supermarket mayhem to pick up some last minute items.

But the real reason I’m writing is to be sure we are not forgetting to have grateful hearts and thankful thoughts as we gather with our loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Since our team at the New Bedford Travel Guide works diligently throughout the year to promote local business in New Bedford and on the South Coast, we understand the value in shopping local and supporting those local businesses that sustain our healthy community.

That is why we came up with a wonderful way to give back this holiday season! With the help of local businesses like Emma Jeans’ Cupcakes, Lovelife Soy Candles, Symphony Music Shop, Pasta House, Marion Animal Hospital, Gloria & Company, Town Liquors, and hopefully many more, we will be raffling off what we call our “Traveling Gift Basket.”

By now you may have heard that Saint Anthony’s Church was robbed of $500 worth of Thanksgiving food donation items. We will raffle off the Traveling Gift Basket and donate the proceeds to help Saint Anthony’s in their mission to give back to the community. In addition to our raffle ticket cash donation, we will pose a challenge to the Traveling Basket Winner:


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Display the basket at other local businesses, keep adding donations, then raffle the basket off again and donate the money to your favorite charity or community initiative. There’s something in it for everyone-Literally!

In a Nutshell: We are asking for donations from our generous South Coast businesses so that we can fill our Traveling Gift Basket with community services, merchandise, gift certificates, coupons, etc. to be raffled off at several local businesses.

An easy way to pay it forward this holiday season:

1. Make a donation to add to our basket of goodies.

2. Your company and/or personal contribution will be traveling along to South Coast business destinations with links to your NBtravelguide.com promotional resources to guide future customers to your goods.

3. The Traveling Gift Basket will be on display at several businesses in New Bedford & the South Coast so that raffle tickets can be bought and sold until we pick a winner on December 20th!

4. We will donate the raffle ticket money to Saint Anthony’s and leave our winner with the Pay it Forward Challenge!

Consider making any donation possible to support our mission to help those in need this holiday season. Let’s work together to keep New Bedford and the South Coast communities united in gratitude as we pay it forward with our Traveling Gift Basket tradition made possible by the New Bedford Travel Guide and our favorite South Coast businesses!

Please comment on this post or email Jenny@nbtravelguide.com with any donations, questions, or comments.

Thank you for helping us to help others!

Click here and check out more community charities and Thanksgiving initiatives! Click here for a guide to Holiday Events & Festivities !

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