Top Ten Best College Hangouts

Believe it or not school is right around the corner folks. That means it’s officially time to pack up the bathing suits and start shopping for school supplies! To all you college kids out there, it is time to start thinking about buying books, starting classes and getting involved in school activities! We all know college is rough and requires a lot of free time but before you start worrying about responsibility, why don’t you spend the few weeks you have left checking out some South Coast hangout areas that are extremely popular with college students?

If you are already in college, you might be familiar with most of these spots. Maybe you are a freshman or a parent of an upcoming college student and want an up-to-date guide to the perfect college hangout areas so here is a top ten list from a college student herself:

1. Mirasol’s Cafe Mirasols Cafe NBTG

Home to the famous Chippi, Mirasol’s Cafe is definitely the number one most popular college hangout in this area. During the semester, you can always find college kids either having lunch with friends, doing homework (free Wi-Fi!), on dates, or even just picking up a quick drink before class. I know I cannot live without their hot chai tea during those rough 8 a.m. classes! Located in Dartmouth right next to the Umass Dartmouth campus, it is the perfect hangout for college students who are dorming.

2.Panera Bread

Panera bread, located in Dartmouth, offers free Wi-Fi and is a great hangout area. You and your friends can grab a bite to eat and even escape the distractions of a loud college campus. Although it is normally packed with other customers looking to have some lunch, many people tend to bring their laptop and quietly get to business. So whether you want to bring friends for a nice day out or get some work done, Panera is the great place!

3. Tropical Smoothie Tropical SMoothie NBTG

Perfect hangout for any hot summer day, Tropical Smoothie is filled with a huge assortment of smoothies that are fit for any taste bud! They offer a list of “supercharged” and healthy smoothies. Located in Dartmouth and now in Fairhaven, Tropical Smoothie is an easy commute for both BCC and Umass students. If you are looking for a nice, cooling tropical atmosphere during a South Coast heat wave, Tropical Smoothie is the place to be!

4. Horseneck Beach

Want to spend some quality hangout time outside? Look no further then Horseneck Beach! With only a being few weeks left of summer vacation, you might as well hit the beach as many times as you can! There is an $8 dollar entry fee per car, so be sure to bring all the friends you can fit! Relax together and get your tan on before all your thoughts go from sun, waves and sand; to tests, midterms and finals.

5. No Problemo No Problemo NBTG (600x800)

Located in downtown New Bedford, No Problemo is a Mexican restaurant filled with skateboarding influence and a punk rock atmosphere. Great location for BCC students as well as for Umass students who spend their time at Umass Dartmouth’s Star Store. Cash payments only (note the picture of Johnny Cash near the register). No Problemo always has music shows playing and the bar stays open until 1 a.m. on Thursdays, Friday and Saturday nights for all of you 21+ college kids.

6. Green Bean

Located right near the Star Store, the Green Bean is an adorable cafe that is well-known for their organic outlook with its vegan and vegetarian options. It is a perfect hangout with a small group of friends who just want to catch up with each other. Come and enjoy the lighthearted, cheery atmosphere. The cafe loves to cater to everyone. Don’t forget to try their iced coffee, my personal favorite!

7. Buttonwood Park Horseneck College NBTG

Another great outdoor hangout is Buttonwood Park. A great scenic area with its lake, playground and sports fields! If you are looking for a place to take a group of friends for a nice walk, play sports or feed some geese, Buttonwood is perfect! If you or your friends get bored, you can always check out the Buttonwood Park Zoo or even the playground if you are feeling silly and want to go on some swings. But remember, children love the swings too, so try not to hog all of them!

8. Dartmouth Mall

The Dartmouth Mall is a perfect hangout for everyone. You got your shopping, food court and arcade; what more could you ask for? It is a place where you can spend countless hours together with a group of friends and always find some source of entertainment. If you end up getting bored, you can always go and watch a movie at AMC theaters or even check out Buffalo Wild Wings, which is said to open within the month of September!

9. Cafe Arpeggio Cafe Arppaggio NBTG

The great thing about Cafe Arpeggio is that it’s not only located right near one of BCC’s buildings but it is also across the street from No Problemo and is right down the road from the Green Bean. So you can always go and grab a chicken quesadillas from No Problem, an iced coffee from the Green Bean and then go on to Cafe Arpeggio and have some of their home-made ice cream! But if that sounds like too much of a mouth full for you and your friends, just sit back and enjoy Cafe Arpeggio’s delicious menu of sandwiches and salads. Don’t forget about their open mic night every Thursday! Either bring some friends to listen to some great music or sign up and be your own musician!

10. Wasabi

Located in Dartmouth, Wasabi is a big hangout area for all Umass students. Any age group can go and choose from their amazing selection of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. If you are 21+, you can enjoy their bar area. What makes Wasabi such a hot spot is their karaoke every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. So if you are looking for a great place to wind down, look no further then Wasabi!

That officially completes my top ten list, folks! Don’t forget to check back with the New Bedford Travel Guide to experience any one of these college hangouts. Feel free to leave comments below if you like this list of local hangout areas or if you think there is another college hangout area that I have missed!


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