Ten Tasty South Coast Pizzerias

There are many things in this world that people disagree with. Some people don’t like broccoli, some don’t like cats but there is one thing we can all agree on and that is our love for pizza. Whether it be thin crust or thick, just cheese or one with everything, no one can deny the delicious, melty taste that has made people stop and reconsider what they are eating for dinner. A common phrase, “Let’s just order pizza tonight” has made its way to everyone’s lips at least once and now we have a helpful list on some local pizza places in the South Coast. Here is my current top ten list of pizza places in no particular order:

YiaYia’s Pizza Cafe

Looking for a great mixture of Greek food and pizza? Yia Yia’s Pizza Cafe is the place to be! Located right near beautiful West Island Beach in Fairhaven, Yia Yia’s are not shy when it comes to their serving sizes. Being a cafe, they serve a multitude of foods including appetizers, salads, burgers and their own dinner menu. Staying true to their Greek roots, they also serve Gyro, Souvlaki and finish it off with some delicious Baklava. Yia Yia’s loves to add quality to the food they serve to their customers, check out their buffalo or taco fries as well as over 30 different types of pizzas and calzones. Of course, what pizza shop would not be complete without their signature and specialty pizzas. So don’t be afraid to try new and exciting combinations!

Brick Pizzeria Napoletana

Located in downtown New Bedford, Brick Pizzeria creates their pizza using their very own brick oven. Brick Pizzeria is a restaurant but they do take out for anyone looking for a night at home while still enjoying their delicious pizza. Like any pizzeria, they have a create your own pizza menu but who would need to when they have all these great choices of red or white pizza! Red pizza such as Margherita basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and parmigiano to white pizza that includes, caprese fresh tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil. They also include a section of Dolici styled pizza which is a sweet based pizza entree. They have a delicious option of Nutella Pizzetta with a sweet dough smothered in warm nutella. Perfect for all those with sweet tooth’s out there.

Me & Ed’s Family Restaurant

Friendly atmosphere with the occasional live music, Me & Ed’s is a great restaurant to visit with the family. Located in the South end of New Bedford, Me & Ed’s has a perfect South Coast nautical feel. Not only for being located right near Fort Tabor but also with their endless menu of fresh and fried seafood, alongside their delicious pizza. Very popular amongst the locals, come on down and try them out for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Palace Pizza and More

Located in New Bedford, Fairhaven and Dartmouth, Palace Pizza is the perfect go to shop in our local South Coast towns. Palace Pizza have been serving their quality pizza and more since 1975 and have been going strong ever since! If you are not in the mood for pizza, than why not try one of their delicious selection of side menus such as quesadillas, calzones, wraps, spaghetti or subs. I highly recommend their Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad for anyone who either wants to go light on calories or just wants to try an amazing salad!

Jimmy’s Pizza & Restaurant

Jimmy’s Pizza & Restaurant is located right near the Dartmouth Mall, only a few miles away from Umass Dartmouth. A perfect place for all you college kids out there looking to go out for a pizza filled night! They have daily specials and everyday deals such as a family sized cheese pizza and 2 liter soda for only $12.99, so don’t be shy about inviting all your friends! They are famous for their calzones and have a huge selection of specialty pizza, grinders, sandwiches, and salads.

Fay’s Restaurant

Though considered to be more of a restaurant, Fay’s specializes in pizza and Italian food. Fay’s is a perfect restaurant to dine out with the family and they have their own private functioning rooms for any occasions such as holiday parties or family events that can seat up to 25 – 30 guests. They also have weekly specials, including live entertainment in their Lounge and on Saturdays, a dinner for two for $21.95 from 8pm to 10pm. Perfect for all you couples out there in need of a date night! Fay’s Restaurant has tons of different soups, salads, sandwiches, seafood and pasta to choose from but you cannot leave without trying their traditional thin crust pizza, a family favorite! You can also make your pizza gluten free.

Rose and Vicki’s

Located in both Dartmouth and Marion, Rose and Vicki’s is a perfect place to bring a large group of friends. They are famous for their large size pizza that measures out to be 18” of melty, cheesy goodness. Rose and Vicki’s are very generous with all their serving sizes and use their own stone hearth to cook them in. They make sure their pizza is greasy free and serve an array of party platters for your holiday, birthday party or any other current event.

Nick’s Homemade Pizza

Famous for their pizza and subs, Nick’s homemade Pizza is a Greek and Mediterranean styled restaurant located in Mattapoisett. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly, while giving back to the community and having a strong connection with their customers. They also have rooms for birthday and pizza parties as well as catering. Don’t be afraid to also choose from their specialty pizzas, spaghetti, club sandwiches, grinders, chicken and salads. Come and bring the family down and enjoy their patio before the weather gets too cold!

Jeffrey’s House of Pizza

Jeffrey’s House of Pizza in Acushnet adds a delicious Portuguese flair to their pizza with their own special recipe. All meals are fresh and they make sure they fry their food in 0 trans fat oil. Jeffrey’s House of Pizza tries to create a more healthy menu by using wheat wraps, their delicious ultra thin wheat pizza crust and have even lowered the prices on their salads. Their menu is filled with fresh salads with pita, subs and wraps, calzones, chicken and dinner menus. They do deliver, so sit back and spend a day at home while enjoying yummy foods from Jeffrey’s House of Pizza!

Ten Cousins Brick Oven

With its opening in 2012, Ten Cousins Brick Oven is a brand new pizzeria that is already popular in Westport. They create their pizza in their own brick oven and serve many other options such as appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees and even a bar area. Their entire idea when building Ten Cousins was for it to be owned and managed by locals and they also give back to the community by hosting donations during particular months. They cater, take reservations and are great for kids and groups. So stop by Ten Cousins Brick Oven for a gourmet day out with family and friends!

Well, that wraps up my top ten list. Did I make you hungry? I won’t stop you from running out the door to try one of these fantastic local pizzerias! When you come back, check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide about your experience and tell us which kinds of pizzas are your favorite!

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