Tasty Burger Spots

Craving a good burger? While there are more than enough fast food places to choose from, most of them hand you a dull burger and send you on your way. Quick, easy, and often times, flavorless! But if you’re looking for a quality burger in a great environment, there are plenty great locations in the South Coast to choose from.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Dartmouth

Don’t be fooled by their chain of restaurants nationwide, Five Guys Burgers & Fries still makes great food. New customers might hesitate to build their dream burger at first, but you might just learn something new about yourself there. Should you use BBQ sauce? Is adding jalepeno peppers a good idea for my burger? Whatever you want to try, you can add as many toppings as you want. They say there’s over 250,000 ways to order a burger at Five Guys, so chances are good they can make your dream burger into reality.

Rose Alley Ale House, New Bedford

Rose Alley Ale House is known for good beer and great times. Live music on the weekends and numerous craft beers on tap make it hard not to have fun there. As if it couldn’t get any better, they serve delicious food there too! Rose Alley offers a variety of dishes, but having one of their burgers with a good draft beer is an experience all on its own. They don’t list them as “Prime Burgers” for no reason. You can custom make one, or choose from their specialties that are all amazing. I would suggest the Rose Alley Burger with one of their Ommegang beers on tap, but life is about tough choices, so sit back, relax, and find your own favorite combination.

Max’s, Dartmouth

Max’s restaurant on the side of Route 6 is easy to miss, but hard to forget once you’ve eaten there. Their list of specialty burgers has something for every taste, with choices like Portuguese, Hawaiian, Philly, and even Veggie burgers! For those brave enough to take on their ultimate test, Max’s also offers the B.A.B Challenge! See if you can eat their massive mountain of burger and fries in under 12 minutes and secure your place on Max’s Wall of Fame. If you’re not looking for a challenge, you can just grab a great cheeseburger and watch the game at Max’s.

End Zone Sports Pub, New Bedford

The End Zone Sports Pub features a lot of food you would expect to find at a sports bar. Wings, pizza, burgers, and more, but that doesn’t do the End Zone’s dishes justice. Their specialty burgers, along with giant televisions around the restaurant, make it a great place to eat and watch the game. You could even eat their Red Sox Burger while watching the Red Sox! Red Sox overload perhaps? Try something different, like their Big Texan Burger or End Zone Burger.

Freestones City Grill, New Bedford

Freestones, located on the cobble stone streets of Downtown New Bedford, doesn’t seem like the perfect burger place, with their variety of other dishes, but their burgers are just as good as everything else they make. Freestones offers a few different burgers that are simply awesome! Choices like their Bacon Blue Burger, topped with crumbled blue cheese and bacon, along with their great atmosphere inside make for a great overall experience for a date, family night, or even just going out with some good friends.

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