Big Brothers & Sisters Make a Difference

A good role model can make a world of a difference in the life of a young boy or girl. Whether you act as a mentor or just a good friend, every child could use a little help. Hundreds of kids aren’t lucky enough to have someone to look up to, or even someone to make them feel significant. Most of these children come from single-parent homes, where the parent simply doesn’t have enough time to take their children to the beach or shopping at the mall.

Big Brother Big Sister

That’s where the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Child & Family Services in New Bedford can help out. This program helps connect children in need with a friendly “Big” to lend a hand. The time spent between Bigs and Littles isn’t just playing in the park or watching a movie. It’s a message to the child that they are important, even if it doesn’t seem like it at times. Many children don’t know anything outside their own homes, so a different perspective can make a big impact. Whether it means they graduate high school, college, or even land their dream job, the time spent with their Big helps them realize their potential and shoot for the stars!

Littles typically range from ages 7-14 and come from all ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds. Even with the success of this program, there are still many kids on a waiting list for their own Big Brother or Big Sister. You only need to be over the age of 17 with a driver’s license to join Big Brothers Big Sisters, and you could be a friend for a lonely youngster. If you’re interested in becoming a Big, you can call Child & Family Services’ Outreach Office at (508) 990-0894, or apply on their website.

The idea behind Big Brothers Big Sisters isn’t to replace the parent or guardian, but to simply be their buddy and listen to them, and give advice when they need it. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest humanitarian to change lives. If your Little only takes away the fact that they could be anything they want, you’re job is done. Every child matters, so help make a difference in your community and become a Big Brother or Big Sister.

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