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Don’t you just love fall? Not only are the holidays getting closer and the leaves are changing color but sports season is officially here! Since Football and Baseball have just started and with Hockey on its way in October, it’s time for you and the buddies to grab some chips and dip, get those beers and yell at the T.V for hours! Though, you should consider making this more of a social event! I mean, three of your best pals are great to watch sports with but what about a dozen great pals all getting together and cheering on your favorite team! Nothing says friendship, communication and sports better than sports bars and here at the New Bedford Travel Guide is a list of fantastic local Sports Bars in the South Coast!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Just making its opening debut right outside the Dartmouth Mall, Buffalo Wild Wings is a great restaurant that is famous for their sports bar. With over 30+ flat screen T.Vs, Buffalo Wild Wings encourages their customers to join their sports bar or at least put on any sport of your choosing. It could be Football, Hockey, or even Gymnastics; if there is a sport going on, Buffalo Wild Wings will play it! And what could possibly be a better combination than wings, beer and sports? Buffalo Wild Wings is famous for their 16 signature sauces, so don’t be shy about ordering as many as you want! They also have promos going on every Tuesday and Thursday, so bring in a group of your best buds and enjoy some Football while eating some delicious food!

Busters Sports Bar & Grill

Located in Dartmouth, Busters is a very popular sports bar among the locals. With their huge bar area and over 24 T.Vs all dedicated to sports, Busters is a perfect place to bring your buddies and relax after a hard days work while enjoying the game. Busters is also family friendly; don’t be afraid to bring the kids and have some dinner and desert! During kickoff season, Busters has a Monday night special that are different every week so make sure you like their Facebook page for constant updates. With its popularity and people from all around joining in on the fun, Busters has the perfect atmosphere for a loud and exciting game night!

Strikers Sports Bar & Grill

Strikers is located in New Bedford and is attached to Wonder Bowl. They have 14 high definition flat screen T.Vs and a 115” flat screen along with their own state of the art sound system. Strikers is a great sports bar to go with your friends, not only for their fun, vibrant atmosphere but there is always something to do! You and your pals can choose from one of the 40 bowling lanes, arcade area and their own 4 private party rooms to enjoy a perfect night out. Strikers also have live music on the weekend from great local South Coast bands! So plan a game night at Strikers and enjoy their delicious food while unwinding to a great Pats game!


Sláinte is an Irish Gaelic word that translates to “health” and is commonly used as a drinking toast in Ireland, so it is no surprise that Sláinte is a brand new Irish pub and Grill, located in Downtown New Bedford. Sláinte loves to celebrate sports with their 15 high definition TVs and two 100” high definition screens that are perfect to watch the game on. For anyone looking to have a private party, Sláinte is able to host any event and they even have their seasonal outdoor Roof Deck available but make sure you book quickly before the weather gets too cold! Sláinte also provides live music sessions almost everyday that are dedicated to traditional Irish music with fiddles and feet stomping. A great atmosphere to share with your friends, as you drink down a pint of Guinness and watch your favorite team!

Endzone Sports Pub

Located in New Bedford, Endzone Sports Pub has a great Portuguese atmosphere and serves delicious seafood; perfect South Coast characteristics. They are a family owned business and strive to give their customers the best experience. They are happy to accommodate party sizes up to 45 people and have their own private back room. Right near the back room is their own full service bar and their huge, wide screen T.V. They always have specials going on as well as live music, so be on the look out! So come on down to Endzone! Bring your friends and family and enjoy watching your favorite team kick butt!

That about wraps it up, folks! All great local sports bars perfect for this season and fun nights out. Don’t forget to check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide about your experience and tell us which sport you are looking forward to and who is your winning team!

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