Resolve To Get Involved!

Hello Friends, Happy New Year!

Now that we have had a week to put our resolutions to the test, I have been thinking about a less daunting message to share with you. How about instead of putting so much pressure on ourselves to eat this and not that, or whatever you resolve to improve now that a fresh start to the year is here, why don’t we resolve to get involved with our community?

The South Coast is home to so many nationally recognized attractions, shops, dining experiences, beaches, monuments, and so much more!

Let’s resolve to unite as a team of positive people working together for the greater good. Besides, I know I am a heck of a lot better at keeping resolutions when I have a friend on board, never mind an entire community.

Giving Back to the South Coast

The New Bedford Travel Guide team is moving into our third year serving New Bedford and the surrounding South Coast communities, so naturally I took some time to reflect on this past year as Editor at NBTG. What a wonderful journey 2013 was and I am honored for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing mission!

Last year we launched our beautifully redesigned website, released our second print guide, created a three credit Experience Learning Course at UMass Dartmouth out of which came our first editorial staff, created a bi-weekly resourceful newsletter, provided visitors and local residents with valuable resources to experience the best of the South Coast, had the opportunity of attending many amazing local events, networked with community activists for positive change, worked with local businesses to increase profits and promote the power of shopping local, united with many local businesses to give back to charities and nonprofits, and worked our hardest to promote a thriving and sustainable South Coast!

All of these exciting contributions were successful with the help of other like-minded people, businesses and organizations who came together for a shared cause.

We witnessed the power of paying it forward with our Traveling Gift Basket initiative and now we want to keep the spirit of giving back alive all year.

Become a Part of the New Bedford Travel Guide

Won’t you join us in promoting the beautiful South Coast in 2014? I promise that the benefits of getting involved in a healthy community have helped me personally gain confidence in humanity after such a heart wrenching year full of peril and tragedy.

So how about it? Let’s promote local business and personal and professional initiatives that represent the beautiful South Coast. Learn how our resources can help guide your mission and let your voice be heard by local residents and visiting vacationers who are excited to experience all the South Coast has to offer. We look forward to another year working with YOU to maintain a healthy community in unity! Resolve to Get Involved in Your Community!



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