New Bedford June Weather Highlights

The weather starts to warm up nicely in New Bedford during the month of June. As the Buzzards Bay water temperature climbs into the 60s, the afternoon sea breeze has a lot less bite – especially by late in the month. The sun angle is very high in the sky with the start of summer on June 21. If you’re not careful you can get a quick sunburn at the beach, on the course, or if you’re out for a walk. The days are long with more than 15 hours of sunlight possible on any day during the month. It has never gotten cold enough in June for a killing frost in New Bedford. It has, however, gotten plenty warm enough for heat waves – and even 100+° scorchers.

The long range forecast for this June in New Bedford is for the temperature to be near to slightly above normal, but not in a spectacular way. The month should be somewhat unsettled with above normal rainfall. Often times, early to mid June rain comes with warmer than normal conditions because the temperature will not fall far at night if it is raining with a southerly breeze. So, while at the end of the month the temperature may average above normal, it will not be as a direct result of all sunny, warm afternoons – although, between rainy weather systems, there are likely to be several nice days.

Here is a look at some of the numbers for the month of June in the New Bedford, MA.

June 1
Normal High: 72°
Normal Low: 54°
Sunrise: 5:12 am
Sunset: 8:12 pm

May 31
Normal High: 81°
Normal Low: 64°
Sunrise: 5:13 am
Sunset: 8:22 pm

Normal rain: 4.25″

Highest temperature: 102° (June 21 and 22, 1923)
Lowest temperature: 35° (2009)

Full Moon in 2013
June 23 7:32 am
Name: Strawberry moon


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