New Bedford August Weather Highlights

It is early August and the summer already feels like it is slipping away. After a record warm month of July, the pattern has shifted to much cooler and less humid weather in Southern New England. Typically, the dog days of summer last through mid-August, but, this year the first two weeks of the month look rather cool, with the chance of rain every few days. For some, the drier, cooler weather is a welcome site, and there will be some great beach days with a land breeze and temperatures in the 70s.

Hurricane activity usually picks up in August, and we will be on the lookout for that this year. It is expected to be an above normal Atlantic Hurricane season, and through July there were already four named storms. In recent memory, Irene barreled through Southern New England in late-August of 2011. Before that, Hurricane Bob had a big impact in Southeastern Massachusetts in August of 1991.

August is known for having some great sunsets in Southern New England. That sunset, however, is getting much earlier as the month progresses. All told, we lose one hour and fourteen minutes of daylight during the month.

Check for the latest 10 day forecast for New Bedford and beyond.

Here is a look at some of the numbers for the month of August in the New Bedford, MA.

August 1
Normal High: 83°
Normal Low: 66°
Sunrise: 5:38 am
Sunset: 8:01 pm

August 31
Normal High: 79°
Normal Low: 63°
Sunrise: 6:09 am
Sunset: 7:18 pm

Normal rain: 4.52″

Highest temperature: 107° (August 2, 1975)
Lowest temperature: 39° (August 22, 1928)

Full Moon in 2013
August 20 at 9:45 pm
Name: Sturgeon moon


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