Ned’s Point: A Gift by the Sea

Ned’s Point is one of the South Coast’s many seaside treasures. No matter what your age, abilities, energy level, or interests, you will love this magical place.

Ned’s Point or Veteran’s Memorial Park is located at the end of Ned’s Point Road in Mattapoisett. As soon as you pull in, you will be treated to the impressive sight of Ned Point Light standing tall and white against a hopefully blue sky. The light house was built in 1838 and is still a working lighthouse.

Ned’s Point sits at the mouth of Mattapoisett Harbor with a panoramic view of Buzzards Bay, the Elizabeth Islands, and Martha’s Vineyard. The beauty of the point cannot be argued, and this gem has the special ability to enchant every manner of visitor whether they are looking for a place to run, play, rest, heal, meditate, learn, fish or frolic.

Anyone Needing Relaxation

Leave a little room in front of your car when you park and plant your beach chair. If you bring a good book, some music (individual iPod not stereo please or you’ll interfere with other people’s happy place), and good snacks, you can easily spend the day dreamily gazing across the harbor at seabirds, sailboats, and eventually the sunset. Parking is free, the Point is quiet, and there is always a nice sea breeze.

Kids and Families

You don’t have to go to the beach to spend a family day on the shore. Ned’s Point has plenty of South Coast wonder to entertain kids for hours. The kids will first want to touch the lighthouse! They will then run along its base a dozen times.

Pack a picnic from home or stop by Oxford Creamery on the way and stock up on seafood or icecream. Don’t forget all the necessary picnic accouterments because the field around the lighthouse is perfect for running, kite flying, ball games, and bubbles. There are also covered picnic tables onsite if you need to escape from the sun. Public restrooms are available as well.

Later, explore the rocks at the boat launch. This area is teeming with hermit crabs, blue crabs, barnacles, shell pieces, and seaweed. There may also be some friendly crab or baby blue fisherman willing to let your children hold a crab or a fishing worm.

Active Types

While the contemplatives are wave gazing and the families are running wild in the park, active types can take their pick at recreational sports. From the boat launch at Ned’s Point you can take off on your windsurfer or kayak (no rentals so bring your own). You could take over a part of the field to play a game of ultimate Frisbee or touch football. Bring your gear and fish off the point or join the cyclists and joggers along Ned’s Point Road.

If you work up an appetite, grab a drink and a pizza at the Mattapoisett Chowder House.

Seniors or Differently Abled

One of the best features of this beautiful setting is that it is accessible to everyone. People can pull right up to the bay and even enjoy the view from their car. A wide flat gravel path circles the park for a gentle walk of any length. Studies have shown that being out in nature promotes faster healing so this is also a wonderful spot for those recovering from injury.

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