Marion is a beautiful coastal town with a unique charm. Its distinguishing geography is created by the water; Sippican Harbor, which serves as the town’s centerpiece, separates Sippican Neck to the East from Converse Point to the West. Water Street, with its charming General Store, is classic New England town street.

Located at the gateway to Cape Cod at the Northern end of Buzzards Bay, the population swells to over 10,000 in the summer months. Most of the activity in the lively little coastal community revolves around the protected deep-water harbor and wonderful waterfront. Vistiors enjoy boating, golf, swimming and tennis.

Marion was orginally a part of Rochester, but broke away in 1852 and took its name from the Revolutionary War hero named Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox”. The town’s origins date as far back as 1679, when the Huguenots—French Protestants—from the Plymouth Colony settled along the coast developing industries related to the sea, such as salt works, ship building, and fishing.

The arrival of the railroad from New Bedford’s whaling industry spurred tourism in Marion. The area’s scenic beaches attracted rich and famous individuals, such as the writers Mark Twain and Henry James, as well as President Grover Cleveland. With its natural coastal beauty, Marion became a magnet of prosperity, and an art community began to blossom. At this time, Charles Dana Gibson created an illustration that would be known as the Gibson Girl, perhaps America’s first beauty icon.

In 1914, a massive shortwave radio station was built in Marion. The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company built a station to handle all the trans-Atlantic radio traffic. For a time, it was the largest and most powerful wireless telegraph station in the world, standing over 400 feet tall and communicating directly with another high powered station in Norway.



Marion Police Department
550 Mill St.
Marion, MA 02738
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency: (508) 748-1212
Marion Fire Department
50 Spring St.
Marion, MA 02738
Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency: (508) 748-3595

Parks & Beaches:

Silvershell Beach
Front St.
Marion, MA 02738
Washburn Park
Washburn Ln.
Marion, MA 02738


Old Rochester Regional High School
135 Marion Rd.
Mattapoisett, MA 02739
(508) 758-3745
Tabor Academy
66 Spring St.
Marion, MA 02738
(508) 748-2000


The Elizabeth Taber Library
8 Spring St.
Marion, MA 02738


Image retrieved from:,_Marion_MA.jpg

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