Local Ice Cream Parlors on the South Coast

Now it’s no feat to know that New Englanders love their ice cream. According to the Eastman Living Magazine Summer 2011 edition, New England consumes more ice cream per capita than any other region in the lower United States. Unlike most regions, we make ice cream a year round kind of treat, even throughout our coldest winter days. And although the summer is ending within the next couple of weeks, there are still amazing ice cream parlors to try out. Don’t let the soon chilly, crisp fall air get you down; come try out local ice cream stands right here in your South Coast towns!

Dairy MaidNew Bedford

Being a New Bedford native, there was no way I could not mention Dairy Maid. A delicious menu of frappes, milkshakes, sundaes and soft serve ice cream, Dairy Maid has it all. Located right near Clarks Cove, it’s the perfect place to go get some ice cream and walk along the shoreline. So come and bring the family and enjoy their amazing ice cream and cheap prices. Also don’t forget to try their coffee frappe, my personal favorite.

Acushnet CreameryAcushnet

Located right on Main Street, Acushnet Creamery is a family based parlor that serves their very own homemade ice cream as well as frozen yogurt, sundaes, sherbet, frappes, floats and even sugar-free ice cream for all you health conscious people out there! They even make their own delicious waffle cones! They also have many different flavors to choose from and even flavor contests, where customers create their own flavor of ice cream and Acushnet Creamery picks the best than sells the winner’s ice cream! Cash is the only form of payment so make sure you bring some bills before purchasing one of their amazing choices of ice cream.

Kool KoneWareham

Open from March to October, Kool Kone is located right on Marion Road in Wareham. Although Kool Kone’s main focus is ice cream, they have many options when it comes to food. Though they look like a regular ice cream stand, Kool Kone can easily be transformed into its very own restaurant that serves appetizers, seafood, rolls, homemade onion rings, clam cakes, soups and salad, sandwiches and quesadillas. They also have their own dinner menu and daily specials. You have got to try their shrimp Mozambique, simply the best! But let’s get down to the important stuff: ice cream! Like all ice cream parlors, Kool Kone has many different choices to choose from. They have both hard and soft serve ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, frozen yogurt, frappes and floats. They accept credit cards and also do catering and birthday parties!

Handy Hill CreameryWestport

Located on Hix Bridge Road, Handy Hill Creamery is a mere 5 minutes away from Horseneck Beach. Talk about a perfect location! What could be better than grabbing some delicious ice cream from Handy Hill Creamery then head off and enjoy the last few weeks of the hot summer sun at Horseneck Beach. They have plenty of space for parking as well as space for a small picnic before you head off to Horseneck. Not only do they have a large selection of ice cream, but they also offer fish sandwiches, lobster rolls, fries and more! Handy Hill Creamery is the perfect place to end the summer on a good note!

Salvador’s Ice CreamDartmouth

If you are looking for a friendly and family oriented atmosphere,then look no further then Salvador’s Ice Cream! Opened since 1936, Salvador’s is famous for its amazing ice cream and their peculiar architecture. Though renovations and switching locations has altered Salvador’s design throughout the years, it is now locally known as “The Can on the Road to Col. Greene’s”, with its shape of a giant milk bottle. Salvador’s main attraction is their ice cream but they also serve burgers, hot dogs, stuff quahogs and much more. Come try their ice cream from frozen pudding, cookie dough, maple walnut, Maine black bear, butter crunch and moose tracks. They only accept cash but don’t worry, they have an ATM right in the back. So come on down with the kids; they will love checking out the sheep from the neighbor farm right behind Salvador’s, or bring a friend and play some chess on the chess table right out front!

Oxford Creamery Mattapoisett

Like any other great New England shop, Oxford Creamery serves fresh lobster rolls, clam cakes, clam chowder, sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. Opened first as the Gulf Hill Ice Cream in 1931, Oxford Creamery still keeps to its old ways with a few new added installments like the Oxcart. Their ice cream comes in a mini for all you young-ins out there as well as in 1/2 pint, a pint and even a quart. Don’t forget their delicious banana splits and frappes, which you can also order extra thick! Not only are they a family based business but they also give back to the community. Every year they host the Annual Women’s Fund Tiara 5k race that helps promote the women’s fund of Southeastern Massachusetts. So come and support Oxford Creamery and their amazing food and for their heart.

That concludes my list of local ice cream parlors on the South Coast. Don’t forget to check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide and share your experience with any of these parlors or let me know if I missed other great shops! Knowing us New Englanders and our fondness of ice cream, there are bound to be many others that didn’t make the list!

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