Learn to Broadcast Via Podcast!

One of the #1 marketing channels in 2013 is through building a podcast or web TV audience. Podcasts allow you to be with your audience in the car, on a jog, or while they are sitting at their computer working. It’s one of the most highly consumed content type on the web today.

Web TV allows you to engage with your audience even further. Sites like YouTube allow you to create compelling video for your business practices, tutorials and how-to’s. Engage with an audience on tablets, PC’s and Televisions!

It might sound hard, but it’s not! Learn from Matt Medeiros co-founder of Slocum Studio & New Bedford Travel Guide as he walks you through getting started with your journey in podcasting and web TV.

Join Matt in his podcast workshop on September 24, 8:30 am at the New Bedford Chamber of Commerce on 749 Purchase Street, New Bedford MA

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