Dinner and Drinks on a Dime

Visiting the South Coast for a well deserved break from everyday life? Have you ever wanted to just get in your car, turn up the music and find some serenity on a Sunday afternoon after a hard work week? Whenever I get a chance to break free I get in my car and search the South Coast for a local restaurant to serve me and clean up after me for a change! So, I want to share with you great local spots that many of you will be surprised exist minutes from your home or hotel just waiting to serve you with an ice cold cocktail and a menu!

“Break The Ice!”

I’m sure I’m not alone when I hear “ice cold cocktail,” and what screams STOP HERE more than the Ice House Bar & Grill offering a full menu, six high tops, and a wrap around bar? That’s all it took for me to stop in thirsty for a glass of Pinot Noir and a stuffed quahog.

I was immediately greeted by the sweetest bartender, Amy Arbec, who was more than willing to offer me all the information I need to share with you. I sat down at the spacious bar and scanned the pleasant atmosphere making sure I had a centrally located seat to get lost in the football playoff games while playing Keno; which wasn’t that hard considering there are 2 flat screens TVs right above the bar and four more lining the perimeter of the restaurant.

Amy brought over my favorite wine and I was more than relaxed as I admired the cool icicles and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. There was a diverse crowd of about 8-10 people on a January Sunday evening at about 7:00pm. The locals agreed the Prime Rib is the best around, but I was interested in the wide selection of appetizers. I’m a single mom on a budget so I was happy to read the specials including an entire three course meal for ten bucks! SCORE!

I chose the Portuguese Spicy Spring Rolls to go along with my stuffed quahog which added up to less than $12.00 leaving myself with plenty of money left over for one of the many beer selections stocked and smothered in ice right in the middle of the bar for my viewing pleasure. The food was hot and delicious and the service was great!

As far as the nightlife-I would definitely recommend checking out local live bands on Thursday and Saturday nights or Friday nights when the DJ runs the dance floor. There is also security at the door on weekends checking ids and keeping a safe atmosphere as you let loose!

To top off what makes this a great Bar & Grille is the fact they support many local charities and events such as Blessings on the Bikes, Chess Fest, and the Matty Olivera Fund. The Ice House also offers food every night until midnight, free Wi-Fi, football squares, and more! So what are you waiting for? Reward yourself with great food, drinks, atmosphere and good people down at The Ice House on 136 Huttleston Ave in the beautiful Fairhaven, Ma!

Visit the website at: www.icehousegrill.com or call (508) 992-BEER

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