Guilty Pleasure Without The Calories

Yogurt City is located in Dartmouth, right in the middle of the Dartmouth Town Center. Serving a huge variety of frozen yogurt in the South Coast, it’s like having our very own Pinkberry but without the 30 minute drive to Providence. So if you and the kids are out shopping and are hungry for a tasty, healthy dessert, then look no further than Yogurt City!

Right when you enter Yogurt City, you will notice the very colorful and cheery atmosphere that seems to attract the younger crowds. Maybe it’s the modern architecture or just the delicious frozen treat, but the kids keep on coming back for more! But don’t worry, frozen yogurt is a perfect dessert for any age group. They have an amazing selection of different types of yogurt and tons of toppings you can add on, so don’t be afraid to mix and match! Would you like to grab some strawberry yogurt and fill it with coconuts, kiwis, pineapples and raspberries? Go right ahead! They also have many flavors to satisfy that chocolate sweet tooth serving cake batter and toppings including; butterfingers, M&Ms, sprinkles and brownies! Since it’s a do-it-yourself kind of shop and you pay by the ounce, you can always mix in some fruity yogurt and top it off with some oreos and marshmallows and no one can tell you otherwise!

Not only is Yogurt City a perfect shop to eat at during any season (how can you say no to yogurt, even in the winter?) but its location is ideal for anyone who is spending a nice day out with the family. Surrounding Yogurt City are many other shops such as Barnes and Nobles, Gamestop, Chucky Cheese and the Dartmouth Mall.

Check out their NBTG listing here: Yogurt City

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