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Hey all you college kids out there! School is starting to get pretty crazy, huh? All those quizzes, tests and research papers are getting the best of you and it’s only been a month! There is no denying that this is going to be a rough semester, but don’t lose hope! In just a few more years (and maybe only a few months for you lucky ones), you can hold that diploma and officially be a graduate! But until then, we have to study, study, study! Now, a good place would be at home or on campus but sometimes it can get very distracting and become hard to focus. So here is list of South Coast WiFi areas where you can study outside your usual routine.

Being a Umass Dartmouth student, there is no place better for me (and all you other Umass students) than the Claire T. Carney Library. Located right on Umass Dartmouth’s campus and with its 5 floors, there is so much room to study! And of course, the Wifi is free! All you have to do is go to the front desk and they can help you connect to the internet.


208604_181912205190174_278874_nThe Claire T. Carney Library also has a brand new cafe that just opened up right when you walk in and behind that is an opened area of chairs, tables and library books to study with. The ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor are all dedicated to researching with the school’s computers, so don’t worry if you leave yours at home. While the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors are separated into general collections of books, they also have the library technical services. Worried about too much noise and getting distracted? The Claire T. Carney Library is perfect for silence since everyone else in there are also dedicating their time to study.


Another great choice to get free Wifi, while still want to study at a library, would be the Millicent Library in Fairhaven. Great for Fairhaven locals and any local high school kids who want to get a head start on this year’s academic work. Not only does it have gorgeous architecture but also an amazing history as well. It is another great place if you’re looking for silence! They are opened Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m to 8 p.m, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 to 6 p.m and Saturday from 9 to 3 p.m. So check your schedule and see which is the perfect time to go and get some studying done.


If you are looking for more of a fun, exciting study area, why not try out some local cafes? A very popular shop among most college students is Mirasol’s Cafe in Dartmouth. They have delicious food, drinks and a young, vibrant atmosphere with free Wifi. How great166488_472312602953_7162537_n can it get? It is always filled with either college students, teachers or business workers on their laptops or friends mingling around a pile of Chippis. So try not to go during rush hours or you might not get a seat! But with this unusually warm fall weather, you can always study on their outside patio.

If you are looking for another cafe that is just like Mirasol’s, both in style and location, then why not try out Panera Bread? Both are fun and definitely more social than a library if you don’t mind it being busy and loud every now and then. It all depends on your studying style. Some people need complete silence and some need to have some background noise in order to get anything done.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a more comfy atmosphere that is on the quiet side, why not check out the Green Bean in New Bedford? A great and colorful cafe with friendly vibes from every corner and perfect for you BCC students! It’s a great place to sit down, get some work done, try delicious lattes and maybe even chat with a stranger or two. Though,

400219_10150592356737381_994078952_nthere are constant customers, the Green Bean always seems to have a respectable volume of talking that isn’t too overbearing. And if you are looking for something to do after hours of studying, the Green Bean hosts open mic nights with great local bands! Perfect way to let off some steam and relax after a long hard day’s work!

Another quiet area that has free Wifi, would be Starbucks in Dartmouth. Located inside of Target, Starbucks is a perfect place to get some coffee (definitely going to need some energy after all that studying) and maybe even do some shopping when you’re done! It is normally quiet since it is an add on Starbucks, rather than it’s own branch, so don’t worry about it being to noisy.

Check back in with the New Bedford Travel Guide for any other exciting blog posts and don’t forget to add a comment below about your experiences at any one of these WiFi hot spots or if we didn’t include your favorite WiFi hot spots!

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