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Parks are awesome, plain and simple. Whether you want to play basketball, frisbee, soccer, or just want to lay down in a big field of grass, the South Coast has more than enough options to meet your outdoor needs. You can find a lot of great places to go easily, but sometimes the hidden gems are even better!

Buttonwood Park in New Bedford clearly stands out as one of the area’s bigger parks. With multiple baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, a playground, and even the zoo, a family could easily spend a whole day at Buttonwood. The fields at Buttonwood have enough open space for any kind of activities you could want, with groups like little league football and baseball teams practicing there seasonally. Also, the pond at Buttonwood makes a great spot to just sit and relax.

Fairhaven‘s more beautiful recreation areas can be found at Fort Phoenix. Located near the water, Fort Phoenix offers great views, along with tennis and basketball courts, beach areas, a playground, and even spots to fish! After you soak up some of the military history of the Fort, grab some friends and have a game of ultimate frisbee in the park area. The ocean breeze makes things a little more interesting!

Now, don’t let those college kids intimidate you, but UMass Darmtouth has great open fields to enjoy! Along with some decent basketball courts and an outdoor street hockey rink, the only problem you might encounter is parking during the school year. The campus police give tickets to cars without a UMass parking decal, but they don’t ticket outside of the school year, so make sure to take advantage during the summer if you’re not already student or faculty!

One of my favorite basketball spots can be found off of Slocum Road in Dartmouth. Burgo Basketball Association features some of the best basketball facilities open to the public in the South Coast. With five regulation size courts and a concession stand, BBA is a great spot for children and adults alike to enjoy a pick up game or join one of the BBA’s leagues. It can get busy at Burgo’s, but with five full-size courts it isn’t a problem to find an open spot or join a group for a game.

While Burgo Basketball Association can be hard to find, the place I like to call the “Purple Dinosaur Park” in Dartmouth is next to impossible to find unless you already know it’s there! Officially, it’s called the Dartmouth Regional Park & Trails, but I still prefer Purple Dinosaur Park. The DRPT is hidden off of Old Fall River Road, on a side road with several speed bumps. Once you finish the tedious task of driving over all the bumps, you’ll find a beautiful park in the woods of Dartmouth. The park includes basketball courts (of course), a two baseball fields, a sand volleyball court, a covered picnic area, hiking trails, and a very nice playground area complete with, you guessed it, a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex! The purple dinosaur is really only big enough for children to play on, but you can still dream!

If you want to go on an adventure or if you just want a quick spot to enjoy the outdoors, the South Coast has you covered. Beautiful scenery and great public facilities makes this area’s parks top notch!

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