Flour Girls Baking Company

Flour Girls Baking Company is a lesson in the multiplying effect of success. When we do our best with what we have today, more will surely come. The Sweet Truck that once housed the entirety of this charming eatery now lives happily in its parking spot outside the bakery on Huttleson Avenue in Fairhaven…that is, when it’s not on tour each week! This spectacular specimen of whimsy on wheels still plays a major role in the success of Flour Girls (but more on this later).

Flour Girls Bakery Company offers something to meet every type of dietary preference. It proudly features uber-healthy items like the “Green Monster” smoothie (almond milk, almond butter, flax seed, banana, and spinach) and veggie wraps (hummus, black bean salad, veggies, and feta). However, for those of us who prefer sugar over spinach, the bakery stars the cutest, most scrumptious, homemade mini cupcakes you’ve ever seen. Keeping these perfect creations company on the day that I visited were magic bars that looked as though they may weigh 5 lbs each, scones, cookies, and tiny edible acorns made of thumbprint cookies, chocolate kisses, and icing. While the autumn season is upon us, you will find mini pumpkin whoopie pies with cinnamon cream cheese filling gracing the counter. If it’s lunch time, enjoy a soup or sandwich with your smoothie and finish with a cupcake or cookie.

“This is a family and friends affair.” Store Employee, Jenny Strand

You’ll notice that many of Flour Girls’ smoothies and sandwiches have first names. These names bring the energy of owner Jill Houck’s nearest and dearest to the enterprise. The fact that these items, like the Tammy (a sandwich named after a close friend), the Liam and the James (smoothies named after her sons), along with a few others are up there on the menu board is natural. As Jenny Strand, who happily describes herself as a ‘worker bee’ explained, “this is a family and friends affair.”

Flour Girls’ circle of family and friends extends out to the bakery’s guests. The day I visited, Jenny was carefully preparing hot oatmeal with honey and cinnamon for a regular Wednesday morning patron. After she delivered the steaming bowl upstairs to the loft, she ran down for the cinnamon shaker to add more of the spice that this particular customer was convinced had healing powers.

Once you’ve had adequate time to appreciate the delights of the Flour Girls’ food and drink offerings, take a moment to step back and take in your surroundings. The building has been the site of various business owners over time, and evidence of their aesthetic taste remains. The bakery has two levels with seating available both downstairs near the bakery counter and upstairs in the loft. Standing on the first floor, you can admire what used to be a pulpit from a San Francisco church hanging high above the bakery counter and see the corrugated steel ceiling of the second floor.


Wednesday is soup day at Flour Girls. They serve soup every day, but Wednesdays are a soup-a-palooza! The soup menu changes each week so you’re always in for a happy surprise. One week you may find Ribollita-a Tuscan Bean Soup with bacon, kale and cabbage or Curry Pumpkin with a shrimp-pumpkin curry base. The next week it may be Mulligatawny or Big Daddy’s Chili. Patrons can pre-order quarts of soup and pick them up Wednesdays at the bakery or from the Sweet Truck at Tabor Academy Fish Center parking lot between 2-5pm. Make sure to order your soup by Tuesday.

Okay, back to that truck parked outside the bakery. The Sweet Truck is where it all began, and from this pastry parlor on wheels grew the Flour Girls Bakery Company featuring the same quality of homemade baked goods but now including a breakfast and lunch menu. The Sweet Truck has plenty of fans because it brings the Flour Girls Baking Company to your door. The truck travels the South Coast delivering sugary goodness to school events, farmers markets, and weddings. One of the truck’s fun features is that donuts are made on board and sold exclusively on the Sweet Truck! Track the location of the Sweet Truck on Twitter.

For fresh homemade recipes, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the creativity that brings sweetness to life, Flour Girls Baking Company can’t be beat.

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