Fighting Stress on the Coast

For students, fall can be a stressful season in New England. With schoolwork piling up and memories of warm summer days making it harder to cope with the dropping temperatures, anxieties can make a person burst! Thankfully, the South Coast has the remedy you need to knock out your worries.

Exercise gives the body a great way to release tension. Running is my personal favorite, and many of the best spots to run just so happen to be on the waterfront! Of course running in the sand at Horseneck Beach, Gooseberry Island, or Round Hill Beach presents a great challenge for experienced runners, but occasional runners like myself might want to stick to a solid surface.

One of my favorite locations is the path that goes around Fort Taber in New Bedford. Starting from the Fort Taber parking lot, follow the outside path that leads to Rodney French Blvd, re-enter the park on the other side, and you will eventually make a total lap of about 1.5 miles.

Some of my other favorite running places include Buttonwood Park at about 2 miles a lap if you go around the whole park or a little less than a mile if you just want to run around the zoo area, and Ring Road at UMass Dartmouth for another 1.5 mile run.

Exercise isn’t the only way to relieve stress. For the non-athletic type, there are plenty of great locations to grab a bite to eat or just hang out with friends. Take a break from your work-zone to visit cafes like Panera Bread and Mirasol’s Cafe for some delicious food and free internet. Don’t forget to try Mirasol’s famous Chippi while you’re there!

If its later in the day, grab a glass of wine by yourself or with a few friends. Wine, specifically red wine, has great health benefits in moderation, and you will feel the benefits of relaxation along with your strong heart and lowered cholesterol. Attending a wine tasting is one great option, but you can get a quicker fix at the classy Cork Wine & Tapas Bar in downtown New Bedford and try one of the local dishes and drinks.

No matter what you choose for relaxation, just remember to slow down and enjoy the sights and experiences the South Coast has to offer. Don’t forget to take a break!

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