City & Seaside Deluxe Dining: Inner Bay Cafe

Want to go where it feels like everyone knows your name and they are ready and waiting to serve you some of the best traditional Portuguese, Italian, and American cuisine that might even give Vovó a spoonful of competition in the kitchen? Then head down to Inner Bay Cafe.

I fell in love the very first time I stopped in with a few friends to “just grab a drink.” One drink warranted a stuffed quahog which accompanied my kale soup out of which evolved a glass of house red wine…you get my drift? Before I knew it they were rolling out a great big seafood cart that looked like something I saw on the Food Network. Owner, Toni Soares, was proud to let me snap a shot of him holding up a shrimp as big as my forearm!


Day turned into a warm May evening on the South Coast, and the regular guests were merrily talking to one another as if it were the kitchen table on a holiday and more happy customers shuffled in with smiles and plenty to talk about. (Hey-I’m Portuguese…we are loud entertainers)

I found myself excited to return to Inner Bay after a really long day at work just a few days later. I was alone and secretly in need of good conversation and I felt right at home. Judie Soares was behind the bar and made sure to keep my drinks topped off and my belly full with complimentary cinnamon bread that melted in my mouth-literally! I was in need of a good ol’ fashion Portuguese steak sandwich and Judie placed it in front of me accompanied by a heaping plate of delicious fries. I stayed four more hours and had another appetizer while enjoying the company of local singers, artists, teachers, employees, fisherman, business owners, entrepreneurs; you name it.

Inner Bay Cafe is definitely not your average restaurant. It’s an elegant and welcoming dining experience with a view of the city and the sea, serving exquisite, premium, traditional Portuguese entrees- with an emphasis on fresh and flavorful seafood dishes. Ninety percent of the menu is made to order to accommodate all guests, so if you love extra garlic, have a no starch diet or allergies, then rest assured the staff at Inner Bay will cater to all your needs.

“Inner Bay Cafe…Where the Extra is Ordinary!”

You will be impressed by the beautiful brick building situated in the South end of New Bedford and overlooking the bay. The 100 year old building served as the Silmo Syrup Company which produced the coffee syrup we are lucky to enjoy on the South Coast. Seriously, I have to mail it to my brother in Las Vegas.

The dining area reflects rich art and culture seating 60 guests comfortably. An upper level dining lounge and bar area includes a full function room; a fantastic location to host any event. Bay view dine outdoors, hang out by the piano bar, dance to the DJ on Friday and Saturday nights, sing karaoke on Sunday, grab a cup of Espresso mid -day on the grind, and if you’re anything like me, then pick a seat at the bar and mingle with good people happy to welcome you to the crowd!

Parking is always free and easily accessible too, ao be sure to take time to visit Inner Bay Café for a cultured and sensational dining experience on the South Coast, and catch the sunset over the city while you enjoy the favored, Octopus “A Cagareiro,” or the infamous “Codfish Silmo” seafood delights.

You can leave feeling good that part of your purchase is paying it forward since Inner Bay supports many local charities such as the Relay for Life, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Portuguese United Education, and many more.

Check out Inner Bay’s sponsored Day Trip here: Dinner Inner Bay Style

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