Candles To Love

A great atmosphere at home or in the office starts with pleasing the senses. While keeping a room looking clean is a great place to start a good feng shui, you won’t need a zen garden for positive vibes. Smell often sets the tone of a room or even an entire house, which is where Lovelife Soy Candles comes in. Offering a variety of products, the aromas from Lovelife candles and other merchandise create an ambiance that that you won’t forget.

Owners Nathan Raposo and Mark Leitao started Lovelife Soy Candles after finding their passion for making candles at home. “It just came to us one day. We started making them as gifts and giving them away to friends and family. Then we started getting orders for them because people loved them so much,” Nathan said. After that, Lovelife Soy Candles was born!

Everything at Lovelife is homemade by Mark and Nathan with eco-friendly soy wax blends and premium fragrances. They have 40 different scents available in any of their three candles sizes, tarts, tea lights, or reed diffusers. Besides the great aromas, my favorite part of their candles are the wooden wicks, which crackle while they burn. They have some interesting scents like “Orange and Chili Pepper”, but their Aromatherapy candles are great for relaxing and relieving stress.

Many of the events Lovelife Candles hold and attend are community based. Their upcoming Holiday Sales Event Open House will feature booths and donations from other local businesses like Pretty Lil Angel Bows in Brockton and Divine Massage in Mattapoisett. “The events are great for local businesses to share their products with the community,” Mark said while talking about companies reserving a spot in their store for the Open House. Lovelife also attends events at local churches and schools, like Greater New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech’s Christmas Fair.


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