Buy a Zucchini, Save the World!

Summer on the South Coast is not over yet! There is still plenty of time to enjoy a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the vine. Check out one of these local farms and create your own farm to table el fresco dining experience. Your stomach and the planet will thank you.

Most of the food we eat has traveled an average of 1,500 miles to sit on the supermarket shelf. Apples travel from New Zealand, asparagus from Peru, and tomatoes from Mexico. Where you buy your food matters, and the closer to home (or vacation home!) you shop, the better. The produce that fills our supermarket shelves arrives on ships, planes, and trucks guzzling gallons of fossil fuel and leaving increased greenhouse gas emissions along the way. To add insult to injury, up to 45% of the food’s nutritional value is lost in transit.

While you are travelling the aisles of Market Basket, consider the fact that there may be a small farm growing chemical free produce just around the corner. Taking advantage of this healthy local harvest is a win-win-win situation. You eat healthier, small local farms stay in business, and planet Earth lives to see another day. Enjoy!

Alderbrook Farm, South Dartmouth

Alderbrook Farm is a beautiful place where locally grown produce is nurtured along side farm animals and environmental awareness for all. The farm has been in the Manley family since 1889.

Alderbrook’s farm stand offers locally grown produce in season. Also available at the farm are fresh eggs, milk, breads, cut flowers, honey, and herbs. That’s everything you need for a delicious meal folks! Items at the farm stand are produced by Alderbrook and other local farms. Self sustaining communities are the name of the game here.

When you visit, see if you can picture yourself living life on a farm like this and growing or nurturing everything you would need to survive…without a mid week trip to Stop and Shop! Luckily, you don’t have to. Alderbrook’s farm stand is open 7 days a week year round.

Silverbrook Farm, Achushnet

As you approach Silverbrook Farm in Achushnet, you can’t miss the large 150 year old barn on the edge of the property.

The farm stand and store are open Saturday and Sunday through October. Once you’ve gathered fresh vegetables for tonight’s dinner, stick around and enjoy everything the farm has to offer.

The seasonal treats at Silverbrook attract visitors all year long. Hayrides, a corn maze, tractor train rides, peach, harvest, and pumpkin festivals are available in the fall, Thanksgiving turkeys and a Christmas tree farm during the holiday season, movie nights and family friendly events throughout the year. You can also stop by specifically to visit their onsite Pereira Bread Company where you can buy homemade pies, breads, jams sauces, and specialty cheesecakes…to eat after your vegetables of course.

This farm is committed to using sustainable farming techniques and does not use herbicides or pesticides on their crops.

Skinny Dip Farm, Westport

Husband and wife Ben and Hannah Wolbach care for this certified organic farm with an unusual name. Their website explains that they chose the name to “capture the fun parts of summer” and to keep things low stress. “It’s hard to take yourself too seriously if you say, “Skinny Dip Farm,” every time you pick up the phone,” says Hannah.

The small farm opened in 2011 and recently made it to the two year mark which is a remarkable feat for a new business. With only 3 acres of garden, Skinny Dip farm grows 30 different vegetables and 75 varieties of cut flowers!

Ben and Hannah sell their produce at a number of local farmer’s markets and restaurants. They can also provide flowers for weddings or other special events. Visit Skinny Dip’s website for more details.

Brix Bounty Farm, Dartmouth

Brix Bounty Farm was founded in 2008. The farmers use the 5 acre farm to provide both chemical free produce and community education.

Visitors to the Brix Bounty farm stand on Tucker Road may find arugula and other salad greens, beets, eggplant, green beans, spinach, garlic, Chinese greens, carrots, green onions, fresh herbs, or melons depending on the week. You can also find their vegetables at the Wing Court farmer’s market in Newbedford, Earth Natural Foods and Alderbrook Farm.

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA’s) is available at Brix Bounty. The CSA program required an initial financial investment from the consumer in exchange for a share of the yield come harvest time. This arrangement supports the farm during the planting months when income slows down and ensures fresh vegetables each week of the season.

On Sundays during the fall, workshops in sustainable gardening are available for those who want to take their commitment to local and chemical free a step further. Brix Bounty Farm is a “transitional farm” which means they are working towards organic certification. We are rooting for you Brix Bounty!

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