Need Some Action on Vacation?

Xtremely Board or Xtremely Busy?

Feeling like you need some action to get your adrenaline pumping? Are you one for outdoor adventure? I know I have never felt anything close to the emotions flooding over me as I surfed my first wave (after over 2 hours of persistent determination!) It was certainly enough to keep me thirsting for more!

Ok-so maybe you’re not into paddling out, swells, and dropping in, but you should consider stand up paddle boarding (S.U.P.) where you stay above the water and get your cardio in. Or maybe you want to ride the waves on a boogie board. Not really one for being on the water and in the sun? Would you rather grab your snowboard and hit powder covered mountains? How about avoiding gas prices and riding your skateboard around instead? Let’s face it – nature is our free playground! So why not get outdoors and enjoy it?!

Whichever board interests you…Xtremely Board is where it’s at! Not only is Xtremely Board stocked with the industries top brands of skateboards, snowboards, surfboards, wakeboards, and paddleboards, but they have pretty much every accessory to make your outdoor adventure- The most Xtreme! No matter if you’re visiting the South Coast on vacation or a hardcore local, if you’re brave enough to try a new experience, do yourself a favor and visit the guys down at Xtremely Board!

You’ll be more than happy you took my advice when you walk into this killer board shop! It’s hooked up with everything from a nice selection of wet suits, Oakley sunglasses, beach apparel and accessories, sports and boarding gear for the seasons, and my favorite -SO MANY BOARDS! The walls and ceilings are lined with serious amounts of boards for beginners through pros, no matter how old or experienced you are. I guarantee you will feel better knowing that you can burn the same, if not more calories than you would stuck working out at the gym! Besides-what’s better than outdoor adventures in nature while toning up and burning calories-FOR FREE?

No worries, the skilled staff at Xtremely Board is more than happy to coach you through a lesson to make sure you’re comfortable and safe in your new hobby. Xtremely Board rentals are affordable and a great way to test out a new adventure. Not only do these guys teach you everything they know about the sport of their passion, (yes, you will definitely pick up the surfer slag), these extreme sports fanatics know their merchandise-because they use it themselves!


Owner Hoyt Hottel is a big deal around the South Coast! I mean, the guy is a former national snowboard champion and a professional competitor for almost ten years; coaching and judging extreme sports. He’s the man. Hoyt believes in the passion of the sport and appreciates nature and all of its beautiful elements, which isn’t surprising, since his employees and the community admire him as a role model. Hoyt is living the dream while sharing his passion for extreme outdoor sports on the South Coast, as well as traveling to trade shows to snatch up the newest technology.

I’m going back to check out what Xtremely Board has in store for someone looking to buy my first SUP. I hope he will help me customize my board…maybe after he reads this article! 🙂

You can trust that the staff at Xtremely Board will provide you with down-to-earth personalized and knowledgeable service, straight from the souls behind the action, because each employee specializes in their sport. They are connected to the world’s best shapers, and can have your custom board shaped in a matter of days. Or, ask them to help to build you a sick new skateboard while your in the shop. You’ll need to be safety conscious using the proper equipment, and they can lead you right to it!

Follow a new adventure and stop by Xtremely Board, located at 610 State Road, North Dartmouth, MA to hang out with a staff member, sell your old surfboard or snowboard, pick up a pair of sunglasses or discover your future hobby that will last a lifetime! If you’re already part of the action, get your board shaped by the best, pick up some killer gear or accessories for your snowboard, surfboard, skateboard, or wakeboard passion!

Just be sure you don’t leave the shop without asking to check out what’s playing on the flat screen TV as you walk out the door. I had to walk right back in to find out who was rippin’ waves and taking a video of themselves at the same time! Jon, an Xtreme boarder (literally), let me in on the GoPro black camera that is a MUST HAVE to keep your memories alive!

Check out the website for rentals, lessons, awesome pics of the staff doing their thing, and online shopping (coming soon) at:

Xtremely Board Click here to see their NBTG listing!

Be sure to check out Xtremely Board Shop on Facebook to keep updated on new and used merchandise and updates on the staff’s daily sports adventures rippin’ up the beautiful South Coast… in the most Xtreme way!

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