Barrett’s Ale House: Your One Stop Sports Bar/Dance Club/TGI Fridays

Everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences; what might strike one as an enticing experience, might strike another as the proverbial “bummer.”


In regards to Fall River’s Barrett’s Alehouse, my experience fell towards the latter end of the spectrum I mentioned above however, shown by how packed the building was during my Friday night visit, there are many who feel differently.

Barrett’s Alehouse offers a large, grocery store-sized parking lot which apparently wasn’t quite big enough; I had to circle the lot a few times to secure a spot. After my friend Kristyn and I entered Barrett’s we were greeted immediately by three hostesses, all standing behind the same front booth, which for some reason struck me as kind of odd.


In unison: “Welcome to Barrett’s Alehouse!”

Some of the first things I noticed about Barrett’s were that it was quite large, almost like a very dark cafeteria separated into three sections. On the left side there was a room with some small tables lining the perimeter, some electronic dance music, and an empty dance floor illuminated by one of those cheesy rotating, rainbow, light-show balls from the 90’s.


I wonder how many tickets it cost them.

The center of Barrett’s Alehouse contained the bulk of the dinner crowd and the large, congested, oval-shaped bar. Bar patrons were a mix of people raging from age 21 to age 50 an beyond. The right side of the restaurant offers smaller tables for two and mini counter tops without chairs. I suppose that the benefits of the mini counter tops were that they allowed for patrons who couldn’t secure a place to sit, with a viable surface to set their drinks on while they stand awkwardly.

Although Barrett’s is a self-proclaimed “alehouse,” it’s beer selection is unimpressive. It ranges from “macro’s” such as Budweiser, to exports such as Guinness and Stella, to “fringe-craft” offerings a la Shocktop. When a restaurant calls itself an alehouse, I expect for it to have at least a minor focus on tap diversity.

Chama’s special taps are at the ready.

You mean I can get light beer OR dark beer?! So diverse! THIS is an ALEHOUSE!

Since I didn’t want to spend seven dollars on a beer that would cost one to two dollars at a liquor store, I opted a nine dollar mixed drink called a Vermont Cod in the hopes that it would have more bang for the buck; it had bang alright, but not where I hoped it would. It was a small red drink that tasted like thick, pure maple syrup.


Bottoms up!

If viewing sporting events is a large part of the reason you go to certain bars and restaurants, Barrett’s Alehouse might be for you. They have 30 big screen TV’s, most of which have 70+ inch screens. While I interpreted the excess of TV’s as, well, excessive and a misplacement of financial resources, others might enjoy the visual bombardment with broadcasts of every sport ever played along with news reels on an endless loop. Barrett’s would be a good place for sports fans who want to feel like they’re being social while not actually have to talk to anybody.


So turn off the TV, get up off the couch, and come pack yourself into a seat at Barrett’s Alehouse…where you can watch OUR TV’s.

Halfway through my maple syrup cocktail I notice that the Beyonce song being pumped through the speakers in the main bar room was involved in a power clash with the dance music coming from the room with the sad dance floor; this was annoying. Fortunately enough, the food served at Barrett’s, notable the burgers and pizza (albeit distinctly bar pizza) stood out from the usual bar-food experience.


Pictured: “Bar Pizza”

If you want to have a typical sports bar experience with good food, a crowded bar, an average drink selection, plenty of space to show off your dance moves, very dim lighting, and a young, attractive, and attentive female staff, Barrett’s Alehouse is the place for you.

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