Awesome Asian Food

Our exploration of the South Coast’s food offerings continues with great local Asian restaurants. Whether you’re craving fresh sushi or some tasty chow mein, you can find it here.

Azuma Asian Bistro in Dartmouth serves some of the best quality sushi in the area. They offer many of the same rolls you might find elsewhere, like their Tuna and Salmon Rolls, but the best part of their menu is their Signature and Specialty Rolls. You can find many unique choices for sushi, including their Godzilla Roll or the Red Sox Roll, which is made with salmon, avacado, and cream cheese topped with tuna, tobiko, and spicy mayo. Azuma also offers a hibachi grill, which gives you a personal chef to cook in front of you and your friends. While expensive, their hibachi is always delicious and fun.

Down the road from Azuma, Wasabi and Thai Taste make for great hangout spots for anyone looking to relax with friends after a long day. Wasabi is home to great chinese and japanese entrees, like their sushi, Sweet and Sour Chicken, or any of their vegetarian plates. Thai Taste’s long sushi menu offers a number of awesome options, like their Strawberry Delight Roll, which includes a combination of lobster, Shrimp Tempura, and spicy crab with strawberries. If you like spicy food, Thai Taste has a wide range of tasty dishes with varying levels of heat. If you’re unsure what to choose, I suggest any of their “Curry Offerings” with chicken to help get you used to this tasty kind of food.

Another great Thai food place is downtown New Bedford’s Spicy Lime Thai Cuisine. They offer many of the same dishes as Thai Taste, but don’t let this deter you from giving them a try. They have plenty of amazing dishes, like their Stir Fried Cashew Nuts (Pad Hima Pan) with your choice of meat. I was a bit cautious about the idea of cashews in a meal, but after trying it, this has become one of my favorites! If you’re looking for vegan options, Spicy Lime also has a number of tasty veggie plates, along with other local restaurants.

So don’t go to a chinese buffet when you can get fresh and tasty Asian food made just for you! Eat healthier and more flavorful food with these South Coast Asian restaurants.

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