Autumn in a Cup!

Guess what, everybody? Fall is finally here! The season filled with pumpkins, scary movies, and chilly, crisp nights. And don’t forget that the holidays are just around the corner! But before we start to panic over Thanksgiving and Christmas, why don’t we take these first few weeks to enjoy the changing weather. This is the perfect time of the year to sit in a comfy cafe and drink some coffee with your best friends. For all you college kids out there, school is getting pretty rough. Why don’t you take some time in between classes or work to head on over to our local coffee shops and grab a hot cup of Joe. We all know we need the extra energy! Here are some local coffee shops in our surrounding South Coast towns so everyone can join in on the delicious beverage.


The Green BeanNew Bedford 562335_508689795876213_140174386_n-1

Very popular amongst the younger crowd, Green Bean is the perfect spot for all you college kids to bring some of your pals and grab a quick and delicious cup of coffee. They are very environmentally friendly and have a fantastic menu for any who is a vegan or vegetarian. Come on over and try their new Pumpkin Muffin, which is vegan and perfect for this fall season. The Green Bean caters more towards walk-ins but feel free to take a seat near their wall sized windows and enjoy people watching from the beautiful city around you.


Mirasol’s CafeDartmouth

Mirasol’s Cafe is a Latin American influenced coffee shop that has reach major popularity within our local towns. Everyone, including Umass Dartmouth students, flock to Mirasol’s Cafe all in the hopes to have their famous and delicious Chippi. A mixture between coffee milk and heaven, once you try a Chippi from Mirasol’s, there is no going back! Not only does Mirasol’s have an assortment of coffee, espresso, latte, and cappuccinos but they also various types of tea. My absolute favorite is their Hot Chai Tea, which is the perfect autumn drink since it itself tastes like autumn in a cup! Also, don’t forget to join them for their pajama Sundays every week!


Cup 2 CafeWareham

Located in East Wareham, Cup 2 Cafe has a gluten-free menu for anyone who is health conscious. They also mix their own “Green Goodness Health Drink”, that is made with all natural yogurt, green tea, bananas, strawberries and spinach. It only comes out to 151 calories for anyone who is trying to add more protein into their diet. But if you are looking for some delicious coffee, Cup 2 Cafe has a huge menu dedicated to their espresso bar. They have flavored, single, double, soy and many other espresso shots for anyone looking for that extra kick! Cup 2 Cafe also has a yummy assortment of breakfast and lunch menu items to choose from!


Gray’s Daily GrindWestport 923033_488265644578981_1286493792_n

Gray’s Daily Grind states that their mission is to “provide our customers with the highest quality Free Trade coffee, tea, other beverages, and locally prepared foods,” and boy, do they ever! Gray’s coffees and lattes are to die for! Their Mocha latte steamed with Ghirardelli chocolate is amazing and everyone should get their hands on it as soon as possible! They even serve homemade pastries. Delicious desserts that goes great with any one of their coffees and are perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth. Also for this wonderful fall season, they are serving hot apple cider, so get it while the getting is good!


Uncle Jon’s Coffee & CafeMarion

“A cup above the rest!” is the motto around here at Uncle Jon’s Coffee & Cafe. With a friendly and modern atmosphere, Uncle Jon’s is the perfect place to hang out with your buddies or even for a family outing. Uncle Jon’s has a yummy menu filled with panini’s, wraps, salads, soups and their own bakery. Their specialty drinks also include hot chocolate, chai tea and hot spiced cider! All fantastic drinks that are perfect for the fall season! Parking is very convenient and they even have their own take out shop in Mattapoisett for anyone looking for a quick pick me up!


Panera Bread – Dartmouth

Now who doesn’t love Panera Bread? Extremely convenient being located right near the Dartmouth Mall, as well as having an array of delicious food! That also includes their amazing coffee! You have got to try their Caramel Latte, I promise you won’t be disappointed. But don’t be shy about trying out other drinks such as hot chocolate, chai tea, cappuccinos, and espressos. Panera Bread has free Wifi and is a great hangout area with your friends, the kids, or even just some alone time. They also have a huge selection from their bakery while keeping a “live consciously and eat deliciously” slogan that they always stay true to.


That concludes my list of local South Coast coffee shops. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m seriously craving a hot cup of Joe right now! And maybe even a pastry or two! Don’t forget to check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide for more fall-related outings!

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