AHA! Night- Emphasizes the “HA”

By: Chelsea Taylor

New Bedford’s AHA! (Art, History, & Architecture) Night will emphasize the “HA” this Thursday, October 10th. A monthly event promoting local culture and artists since 1999, AHA! Night hosts yet another night of family friendly fun, and this month’s theme is “Walkabouts.” Walkabouts will take you on a journey of historic proportions, highlighting the architecture, cobblestone roads, and alleyways that give downtown its quaint charm.

Walkabouts will show you a side(walk) of New Bedford you’ve never seen before, complete with an expert tour guide. Walking tours downtown begin at 6 pm at the National Visitor’s Center, located at 33 William Street. For those who would rather walk about on their own, maps and programs are available at all participating locations.

A note to first time AHA-ers:

Some of you may be wondering what to bring to such an occasion, and to you we say, “Lace up and show up!” Your wallet will only weigh you down. Feel free to leave it at home because every AHA! Night is free.

How do you get there? Parking is located at Custom House Square or Elm Street Garage, with free on-street parking after 6pm. Public transportation is also available via the Elm Street SRTA bus station.

Not into walkabouts? With many local businesses including museums, boutiques, galleries, and eateries contributing to AHA! Night’s monthly events, you’ll surely find something worth the stroll.

Can’t make it? Luckily AHA! Night occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month with a different theme each time!

Click here for more information! AHA! Nights



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