Get ready. You’re about to stimulate your senses…

The smell of salt air is the first clue that you’ve arrived in our lovely coastal community.
Permeating the air and mixing with the sweet smell of the ocean are the fragrant
ethnic foods and delightful seafood, freshly harvested and prepared just for
you. The food visual and mouth-watering savory will be hard to forget.

The restaurants in our cities and towns and the booths at our fairs and festivals all
share in this expertise. The choices that we offer at these eateries and events are truly
enormous. Trust me. You’ll have a tough time deciding, but why rush? We’d rather
you explore.

The sounds you experience are the crashing of waves, crooning of seagulls, and
blowing of horns from fishing boats. And there is so much more to hear. Theater
events, jazz and folk performances, symphonies, and music festivals await you
here. All of them command your attention.

Sites that you will see here are truly wondrous, from battleships to whaling
ships, museums to gardens, historical sites to parks, zoos to bike paths, and so much
more. And let’s not forget shopping! Our shops offer guests a collection of unique
items for themselves, their homes, or that special someone. Is there another place
that offers so much?

The fifth sense is all you. Maybe you will feel the sand on your toes as you walk
along one of our many beaches. You might opt to put on some comfortable walking
shoes or get ready for some exploring. Start by checking out our city and town
profile pages or our beautiful center map. Plot your course. You’ve arrived!