2013-2014 Print Guide Cover Photo Contest FINALISTS!!!

We know how excited you are to hear the winners of our 2013-2014 New Bedford Travel Guide Cover Photo Contest! We have to admit, it was hard work choosing from so much amazing talent! We are honored to have had the opportunity to view so many beautiful shots of New Bedford and the South Coast. Each photo submission has its own timeless character that truly captures the heart of the South Coast!

So, we decided to give more of a chance to our photo contestants and publish a few more photo submissions throughout our Print Guide! Click on the winners and check out which photo is a “Winning Cover and/or Inside Guide Book Photo!”


Looks like you still have to stay tuned! We will be releasing the final winning cover photo feature sizes and placement details with a sneak peek image of our 2013-2014 NBTG Print Guide Cover!

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos! We KNOW you have been very patiently waiting for the results! Congrats to all of our finalists! Please feel free to comment and share the talent for all to view a piece of the South Coast!

Think you can guess which cover photos will replace those from our 2012 cover?




Photos from David H Peck

WINNER! Photo 2 – from John J Capitao

WINNER! Photos 1,3- from Nathan Sears

WINNER- Photos 6, 9,12, 13 from Victor Simas

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