10 Meals Under $10

Though it looks like the economy is slightly stabilizing since the government reopened, everybody, including me, is still scrounging around to try to save a few pennies every now and then. But as bad as we all would love to save a few bucks, we also would love to go out every once in a while and have some fun! A perfect solution for dining out while still saving some money is finding delicious but cheap meals under $10. Sounds crazy right? But I promise they are out there-In fact, right on our very own South Coast! Here is a top ten list of meals under $10:

Chicken Bleu Salad – Slainte

Slainte is located where the old Catwalk used to be, in downtown New Bedford and has a great selection of salads for only $9.95. Their Bleu salad with grilled chicken is topped off with bleu cheese crumbles and delicious deep-fried onion rings. Great choice if you want a dish on the healthier side but still filled with some tempting crunchy goodness! In general, Slainte has a great, friendly atmosphere with live Irish music that is perfect for a fun night out.

Diablo Burrito – No Problemo


Looking for some spicy, Mexican inspired dishes to fill your hunger? No Problemo has their Diablo Burrito that is filled with rice, beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos & Chipotle hot sauce. Definitely not for the faint of heart! All of their burritos start off with a 12” steamed flour tortilla and if you want to add any chicken or beef, it’s only $1.50 extra! The portion sizes are perfect for people who enters on an empty stomach. Their most expensive meal is still under $8, which is great for anyone who is looking for a meal that is even less than our $10 plan.

Veggie Chili – Destination Soups

Nothing could be better from Destination Soups than of course, their soups! Their Veggie Chili soup is amazing and gluten-free for all you vegans and vegetarians out there. Though Destination Soups have their everyday items, veggie chili is a part of their daily specials on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Their soups range from $3.30 for small, $4.90 for a large and $8.40 for their quart size. Or even go for their bread bowl for only $5.60!

California Roll – Zen Asian Grille


Any sushi lovers out there? Zen is located in Wareham and is filled with fresh sushi but my personal favorite will always be their California Roll. Though their signature rolls can get quite pricey, Zen’s classic rolls are just as amazing and range from $3.50 to $7.00. They also have spicy rolls to choose from, with many options like salmon, scallop, yellow tail and much more! Just in case you wanted to spice up your meal!

The Great American Burger – Freestone’s City Grill

Freestone’s can definitely be on the pricey side but if you want more of a fancy night out, then look nowhere else. Though most meals tend to be around $15, if you search their menus throughly, you will notice a yummy selection of burgers and sandwiches around $9. Their Great American Burger comes in at only $8.99 with a 10 ounce burger that has traditional cheese, lettuce & onions on a bulky roll. Or possibly even try their Carter Classic that is topped with cheddar, bacon and BBQ sauce all with the same price of $8.99!

The Undertaker – Pier 37


Pier 37 will always make for a fantastic night out, located in downtown New Bedford, right near the Acushnet River. Their signature hot dogs are to die for! All of their dogs are 1/4 lb. served on a toasted torpedo roll and you can choose from regular fries, sweet potato fries or some potato chips. Their Undertaker is definitely a sight to be held. It is a hot dog potato skin piled with mashed potatoes, bacon, green onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream. The delicious dog costs exactly $9, but that is considered to be one of their more expensive hot dogs. Most are $8 or even $7.

Pepperjack Mac and Cheese – Ice House Bar & Grille

Located in Fairhaven, Ice House Bar & Grille has a large selection of burgers, pizza, wings, sandwiches, soups and salads and the majority of all meals are under $8.95. But I highly suggest trying out one of their house plates, Pepperjack Mac and Cheese. Coming in at only $7.95, it’s comfort food with a twist! Perfect for all of those wanting to try something different while mixing up your taste buds.

End Zone Chicken – End Zone

Looking for a fun night out that is dedicated to watching your favorite sports team? Endzone is the place to be! Their sandwiches are delicious and their most expensive ones are only $8.99! You have got to try their End Zone chicken made with marinated chicken, sautéed onions, mushrooms and cheese. All sandwiches include fries and you have a choice of white, wheat, marble rye or Portuguese roll.

Sweet and Sour Chicken – Wasabi

Wasabi is located in Dartmouth and has a great mixture of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. My personal favorite is their Sweet and Sour Chicken for only $8.50. Wasabi is also right near UMass Dartmouth so it’s the perfect place for college students. Being a college student, I know there is nothing more on a college student’s mind than saving some cash!

1375314_10151614064277172_1730234732_nQueen Margherita – Fay’s Restaurant

In the mood for some cheap pizza but would also love go out and dress up? Fay’s Restaurant in Dartmouth is exactly what you are looking for. You have got to try their Queen Margherita pizza for only $8.75. It is part of their traditional white pizzas with sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and Italian seasoning.

And that about wraps up our 10 meals under $10! Anybody feeling hungry yet? Don’t forget to check in with the New Bedford Travel Guide for more exciting news dedicated to everyday life on the South Coast!

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